Prayer & Care

Loving Through the Ups & Downs of Life

From birth to death, our lives are full of many joys and many sorrows. Whether you are seeking support in time of celebration or transition, St. John is here to journey alongside you and your family.

We seek to serve as a resource for a variety of life’s happenings. Care can take on a variety of forms, such as lifting up your name in the Prayers of the Church, locating additional resources, providing meals, connecting you with someone going through the same issues for a cup of coffee, or scheduling a meeting with one of the pastors.

Examples of life moments when pastoral care is needed:

  • Celebrating a birth/adoption, baptism, graduation, wedding, retirement, anniversary, or birthday
  • Prayers during a pregnancy, job hunt, or final exams
  • Support while caring for a child, spouse, or parent with long-term physical or mental health issues
  • Grieving the death of a family member, friend, or pet
  • Transitioning after the end of a relationship, move, or major life change
  • Struggling with short-term or long-term health issues
  • Preparing for or healing from surgery
  • Facing end-of-life decisions

Do not hesitate to contact the Church Office if you are in need of prayer or additional care.


Our pastors extend the care and support of the faith community during hospital stays. St. John family: Please call the church office whenever you (or a family member) are admitted to the hospital. Privacy laws and short hospital stays sometimes slow the channel of notification. Without your contact to the church, it’s quite likely that pastors will not hear of the hospitalization in any other way.

Contact: Sharon Mohs

Pastoral Counseling

Sometimes a listening ear is needed to sort out life’s challenges and concerns. The people of St. John trust in the confidence and care of our pastoral counseling team. 

Contact: Pastor Meador, Pastor Schultz

Prayer Group

The Prayer Group works quietly and steadily behind the scenes. If you have a prayer request, contact the Prayer Group. It may be for a problem or illness, or in praise or thanksgiving. No request is too small. Requests are worded for confidentiality.

Contact: Sharon Mohs

Marriage Enrichment

A Good Marriage can become great with commitment, attention and work. We are committed to help make a good marriage great through education and marriage mentoring.  Grab the tools, dig in, and prepare to make your marriage great!