Located in the Heart of Downtown Plymouth

We are a vibrant community of believers who delight in being together, serving together, and worshiping together. We ask deep questions. We discover new depths of meaning. And we proclaim the love of Christ in everything we do.

Our Story - God's Story

In 1855, a handful of families joined together to raise a new generation to know and follow Jesus. Today, hundreds of families continue to make that dream a reality. We share God's story in our our neighborhoods, backyards, homes, businesses and throughout the world. From generation to generation, we are a people taking risks and living out the faith of Jesus Christ as boldly as possible.

In our community, we are known as St. John Lutheran or "SJL" for short. Feel at home, talk as a local, and call us "SJL" too.

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Our Mission & Values

We long to be more and more like Jesus. We follow in His footsteps - striving to love everyone from every walk of life. We join Jesus in His work in the world. 

  • Our Mission: Being Shaped By Christ To Serve
  • Core Values: Community, Lifelong Learning, Compassion, Sharing the Gospel, Stewardship

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Our Beliefs


As Christians, we teach and live out the message of Jesus.  We believe God (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit) created and loves us, not because we have done anything to earn that love but because He simply loves us. Although we have all sinned, God loves us deeply and wants to have a right relationship with us. He made that love known to us through the life, death on the cross, and resurrection of Jesus. Through this act of love, God gives us the gift of salvation by grace, through faith in Christ. This is the central message of the Bible.

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Our prayer is that you will be shaped by the love of Jesus Christ and serve your friends and neighbors.


At St. John Lutheran, you'll find a community committed to walking with each other, creative and beautiful music, relevant messages rooted in Scripture, warm hospitality, and a hot cup of coffee. As we follow Jesus, He shapes us to be His disciples. We serve others and share His good news so that all may know Him as Savior and Lord.