Call Process

God Blesses Our Life Together

God continues to shape us for His service. We gladly serve our neighborhood, church, community, family, friend, and stranger in the name of Christ our Savior. We pray, praise and give thanks - to the Lord - for His gifts and service among us.    

Search For Associate Pastor

Below are timely updates on our search for a new Associate Pastor. We pray for the Lord to bless this call process and to lead a new pastor to serve alongside us in His family of faith. 

Update on January 9, 2022
  • Pick Up Summary of All Congregation Survey - During the month of December 2021, we invited our church family to complete a short survey as we continue our search for a new pastor. We give thanks for your participation. We value your input. We join together in prayer to God that He would send us another faithful pastor to serve among us. Pick up a Survey Summary at the Welcome Desk in the Fellowship Hall. 
  • Special Study of God's Word - As we continue our search for a new Associate Pastor, it is fitting that we study the Holy Scriptures, together. We will study the role of the pastor, our understanding of the call, the congregation's right to choose its pastor, and our role in the call process. Learn, ask questions, and give thanks to the Lord who provides for His Holy Church. Join us on Sundays in January from 9:30-10:15 AM in the Cafeteria. 
Update on December 3, 2021
  • The Board of Elders, the Board of Directors, and the Pastor Call Committee believe that calling a pastoral candidate from one of our seminary’s upcoming graduating classes will be the best route to receive our next pastor. Our Pastor Call Committee met in November, completing paperwork and preparing for our next steps:
  • December – We invite all members to complete a brief online survey. Your responses will help craft questions to be asked in upcoming interviews of the seminary candidates. Complete the All Congregation Survey by December 31st. 
  • January & February – The Associate Pastor Call Committee will interview seminary candidates that may be a good fit at St. John Lutheran.
  • February – We will have a Special Voters’ Meeting on February 21st at 7:30 pm in the Sanctuary. At this special voters’ meeting The Call Committee will present its recommendation to the congregation for formal action. 
  • Prayers Continue – We continue to pray for the Lord to bless this pastoral search and for Him to answer our prayers in sending us another faithful pastor to serve among us.
Update on October 3, 2021
  • Associate Pastor Call Committee - The Board of Directors is forming a call committee to begin the process of calling a new associate pastor for St. John Lutheran. During the month of September, we have asked the congregation to self-nominate members to serve on this upcoming call committee. In the last week of September, the Board of Directors reviewed those who had submitted names to serve on the call committee - finalizing and appointing the members of the associate pastor call committee. The Associate Pastor Call Committee members are: David Zimmermann (Chairman of the Board of Elders and Chairman of Call Committee), Todd Montaba (President of the Congregation), Pastor Schultz (Pastor), Jay Lindsey (Principal), Bob Raeder (Elder), Terry Bilgo (Elder), Brad Steinhardt (Elder), Vicki Villani (Member at Large), and Todd Grebe (Member at Large). We pray for their upcoming service to the Lord and to our congregation. We give thanks to God for His guidance and direction.
  • Awesome Celebration - Last Sunday, we formally recognized Pastor Schultz as the Senior Pastor of St. John Lutheran Church & School. We give thanks for your prayers, for the faithfulness to the Lord, and our great future together in Jesus. Between the Sunday services, we marked this new season of ministry with a celebration of cake, root beer floats, and time together with our church family. Thank you to everyone who helped make the party a success. We appreciate your service to our congregation.
Update on September 26, 2021
  • Party on Sunday - This Sunday, we celebrate as Pastor Schultz is installed as our next Senior Pastor. Between services, join us for cake, root beer floats, and a time of fellowship. We want to mark this new season of ministry and celebrate together as our church family. We give thanks for the people of God and our shared life in Christ. 
  • Installation of Pastor Schultz - During the Sunday Services, we will formally recognize Pastor Schultz as St. John Lutheran's next Senior Pastor. Pastor Robert Zick (2nd Vice President of the South Wisconsin District) will join us for worship on Sunday - leading the Installation Rite. This day, make sure to listen to the vows that are made - hear the pastor's pledge of faithfulness to the Lord, His Word and Sacraments, and to His people - and rejoice in our Lord who continues to provide for us. God Bless St. John Lutheran!
Update on August 29, 2021
  • Voters' Meeting Recap - On Monday August 23rd, the Voters' Assembly met for a Special Voters' Meeting. We extended a call to Pastor John Schultz to serve as our new Senior Pastor effective September 1, 2021. In the coming weeks, we will announce the date for an official installation of Pastor Schultz as our next Senior Pastor. We want to mark this new season of ministry and celebrate together as our church family. We rejoice in our Lord who continues to provide for us through the ministry of the Word and Sacraments. 
  • Read Pastor Schultz's Letter to the Congregation.
  • We Give Thanks - We give thanks for the people of St. John Lutheran. We are a congregation equipped with great lay leaders. We are a people excited to see where God is leading us. We are committed to serving our neighbor and community in need. Over 160 people were present for this Special Voters' Meeting - making it the largest meeting that we have had in the last decade.